Your Modell's is Getting Better

Welcome to BETTER

In the amazing 120 year history of Modell’s Sporting Goods we’ve learned one thing is for certain… always listen to your customers. So we went out and asked our customers how Modell’s could be better. The response was overwhelming:

“Less Clutter.” “Wider aisles.” “Better selection!” “More sporting goods.” “Make it easier to find what we’re looking for.” “We need GREAT prices.”

We listened, and we responded. Introducing a BETTERModell’s.

Better Experience. Better Selection. Better Prices. Better Store.

By February 26, 2010, we  “BETTERED” 112 stores and we’re aiming to have every store completed by Fall 2010. On March 6, 7, and 8th we  invited everyone into our stores to see how we’ve gotten BETTER for the first ever Modell’s Community Weekend (appropriately called, BetterTogether). During this weekend, not only were customers able to experience a BETTER Modell’s, but they also received 10% off their total purchase and Modell’s  donated an additional 10% back to their local youth sports programs. And to make it as relevant to you as possible, we’ve selected multiple choices for them to select where they wanted their 10% donated. Whether it’s your local youth soccer programs, Pop Warner, youth baseball leagues, Rec Center, or school system, over the course of the three days, we aimed to give back more than half a million dollars to our communities local sports programs, and we succeeded!

None of this happens without amazing loyal customers. From all of us at Modell’s Sporting Goods, thank you and we can’t wait to show you a BETTERModell’s.