Ready, Set, JUMP!

General | Jul 14th, 2014

If you are not a great jump-roper, then one of the most tedious moves to master that are so often thrown into CrossFit workouts are double-unders. With the crossfit games right around the corner, CrossFitters that have not perfected their double-unders are going to want to do so as they watch the pros do it with ease. A fellow CrossFitter had tested out the Harbinger HumanX Competition Speed Rope right after recovering from an injury and this is what she had to say:

unnamed-8“First, I have to qualify the fact that I am still attempting to learn how to do double-unders.  My consecutive record was 6 before I injured my achilles tendon and needed to take a break and stick to singles.  Just when I was ready to attempt double-unders again, I got the Speed Rope. After not even attempting doubles for 6 weeks, in my first attempt I hit 4 consecutive doubles.  I felt like there was a weighted effect to the rope which enabled me to rotate it more quickly and smoothly compared to the rope I had used previously.  Due to the ease of rotating the rope, I did not feel the need to jump as high and I hope this will help me avoid another achilles injury. For the cross fitting beginner, doing your first double-under or Muscle-up is like reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro…and, once you’ve accomplished it, you want everyone to see you do it and celebrate with you. I love this rope and I’m confident it will help me master double-unders.”

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