Backyard Olympics!

General | Jul 20th, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

With the Summer Olympics premiering  in London in exactly 7 days, the hype is continuing to build what looks like the best Olympics yet.

However, if you are not a professional athlete nor have a ticket to travel to the United Kingdom, you may feel a little left out.

Lucky for you, Modell’s Sporting Goods is here to help!  Why not create your own games in your own backyard!

Below are some fun DIY ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Let the games begin!


Make Your Own Olympics in Your Backyard


1. Olympic Torch Relays

– Using teams of at least 2 people, create a running course and station each team member at a designated spot long the course to pass the torch off.

 How to create your Olympic Torch

       – 1 paper towel roll (for the base of the torch)

       – colored tissue paper: red, yellow, orange (for the flame of the torch)

       – tape ( to connect the tissue paper to the torch

       – make sure that the tissue paper is stuffed into one end of the paper towel roll and securely taped. Leave half of the   tissue paper hanging out the top.


2. Bean Bag Toss

     -Using either homemade or store bought bean bags, create a tossing game using the bean bags and a bucket.

    -with 2 or more people see who can toss all of their bean bags into the bucket the quickest.


3. Tug-O-War

     -Take a thick long rope and lay it on the ground.

     -create at least 2 teams with a minimum of 3 people on each team.

     -position each team on either side of the rope and on the count of 3…TUG!!!


4. Egg on a Spoon Race

     -put an egg on a spoon and walk it across an area making sure that the egg does not fall off and break.

    -for an added challenge try using a blindfold


5. Water Balloon Toss

     -grab a partner to toss the water balloon too.

     -have your partner face you and make sure they are at least 4 feet away from you.

     -with each toss caught by you and your partner, you take a step back away from your partner.

     -the difficulty info tossing the water balloon increases when your are further apart.


6. Obstacle Course

     -set up your own obstacle course with house hold and garage items such as jump ropes, tires, hoses, cones, etc.

     -a popular aspect of an obstacle course would be an army crawl.


7. Relay Race

     -create your own series of relay races

     -some race ideas would be walking backwards, skipping, hopping on one leg, etc.


8. Watermelon Eating Contest

      -see how fast a slice of a watermelon can be eaten.

      -Tip: other food items can be used such a pie.


Remember to stay safe, stay hydrated and most of all, have fun!