National Health Through Fitness Day! – Meet Peter!

General | Mar 12th, 2013

Meet someone who makes sure they fit in the time for physical activity in their life. Peter Ahn is a graphic designer here at Modell’s and has been with us for almost ten years now! Read about his healthy lifestyle:


Have you ever been asked “What do you do in your free time?” and thought to yourself “Free time? What’s that?!” I’m with you. Between a hectic work schedule and spending quality time with my family (and friends if I’m lucky), I’m ready to hit the sack and call it a night. I’m sure many of you out there have countless of other obligations you have to take into account as well. But despite my schedule, I always manage to squeeze exercising in there. Early mornings or late nights are the best time for me so I work out during those times as often as I can. Sure, this was difficult in the beginning (who doesn’t want a little more sleeping time) but I was motivated by the very things that I used to think were actually keeping me away from exercising – I wanted to be more healthy and fit to keep working the job I love doing for longer and to be around my family for longer also, especially as my children got older. With this in mind, I had a goal and I committed myself to accomplishing it.

Do you manage to work some physical activity into your busy routine? Or do you let your day get the best of you and push off exercise for “another day”? Let me tell you, starting is the hardest part. But once you pick up the habit, it becomes easier. Do you still need some more incentive? That’s where the PHIT Act and PEP program come into play. With these two legislations, you can save money for your physical activity expenses by being reimbursed for them. If you need a little more push into becoming a healthier and more fit you, this is it!

1. How do you stay fit?
I run Marathons, Ultra-Marathons & Tough Mudders. Currently I’m in the off season of my training so I’ve incorporated P90X-2 and swimming at the local gym.

2. What’s your fitness goal?
After running 50 miles last year, I’d like to accomplish (as a goal) a Triathlon or 100 mile race in the near future.

3. What is your favorite healthy meal?
My favorite healthy meal would probably be natural peanut butter and jelly sandwich with cut bananas, crushed peanuts, salt & honey and Nuun to wash it all down.

4. How do you manage to squeeze exercising into your busy schedule?
A full-time job and a family with 2 active kids can be a tough juggling act. However, my wife, a marathoner herself, understands the needs of keeping with a training schedule, so with her support I am able to do it. She will generally watch the kids or I will usually get my runs in early in the morning or very late at night.

5. What fitness gear from Modell’s can you not live without?
Honestly I would say it’s not the product itself, but the knowledge of the staff to recommend the correct shoes for me, but there’s your answer…shoes.

Don’t feel pressured to go run a 50 mile marathon now – unless you’re up for the task, of course! We here at Modell’s just want to inspire and encourage you to stay fit and healthy no matter which physical activity you choose to join. A healthy body is a healthy mind!