Countdown to National Health Through Fitness Day! – Meet Alyssia

General | Mar 11th, 2013

Modell’s is participating in the push to get America moving, while reducing healthcare costs by supporting the PHIT Act & PEP program. We’re launching our weeklong countdown to the National Health Through Fitness Day by highlighting Modell’s associates who lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


Meet Alyssia Ciena! She joined our team almost two years ago as an Associate Buyer in our Men’s Apparel department. Learn how she maintains her active lifestyle!

We here at Modell’s fully believe that physical activity is a way to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. I personally live that life by eating healthy and exercising. Now, contrary to popular belief, eating right and working out can be actually be…fun! Doing this doesn’t have to be hard if you do it right: pick physical activities that you can actually enjoy and healthy foods that appeal to you. Once I realized that I actually liked being active and eating right, it stopped being something I do because I felt like I had too – it became something I do because I want too!

1)      How do you stay fit? 

I like to stay fit by staying active and watching what I eat. I’ll usually switch it up between Running, Yoga and Spin.

2)      What’s your fitness goal?

My fitness goal isn’t a number on the scale, but the way I feel about myself when I look the mirror. If I think my arms are too flabby then I’ll do what it takes to get them toned…review what I have been eating and add some pushups or arm reps to my daily schedule.

3)      What is your favorite healthy meal?

Well, I love to eat! So I don’t have just one! If I had to choose…Quesadillas! I use whole wheat tortillas, chicken or black beans for protein and then add a ton of veggies: spinach, broccoli, zucchini or peppers, then low-fat shredded cheese, avocado and salsa…Mmmm!

I also try to pack snacks from home and bring them to work so when I get the munchies I have something healthy and close by so I don’t go to the vending machine.

4)      How do you manage to squeeze exercising into your busy schedule?

I am NOT a morning person!! So I do not wake up earlier to work out. I work out after work. I find it easier to go for a run after work in the Spring/Summer when it’s still light outside. In the Fall/Winter, that’s when I schedule a spin or yoga class after work.

5)      What fitness gear from Modell’s can you not live without?

A good pair of sneakers is SO important and replacing them after you’ve put a few miles on them is also important to prevent injuries.


That sounds like quite the meal doesn’t it?! Feeling inspired by Alyssia’s story? We hope so! Stay tuned – we have more Modell associates eager to talk!