Happy 4th of July!

General | Jul 2nd, 2012

Happy Independence Day Everyone!


Crank out the BBQ’s, turn up the music and set the picnic table for all your family and friends.


Although the 4th of July brings happiness, joy and unity, this also means fatty foods, high calorie drinks and sugary desserts.


In order to celebrate the holiday right, we wanted to give you some friendly tips and reminders on how to worry less about what you are eating, and enjoy more what you are doing!


  1. Make sure your cooking utensils are cleaned properly
  2. Wash off all vegetables, meat and other products to ensure health precisions
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Use small plates to create portion control
  5. Pace yourself- eat slowly and mindfully
  6. Eat healthier foods first
  7. Skip the chips, bread, crackers and save room for the good stuff!
  8. Keep dessert minimal
  9. Put a fruit kabob on the barbecue for a fun and an easy way to curb your sweet tooth
  10.  Think before you drink.  Sugary mixed drinks can be triple the amount of calories you are supposed to eat in one day! Stick to wine and beer.
  11. Don’t leave the food outside for longer than 2 hours; it has a greater chance to spoil
  12.  Don’t forget the watermelon!