HumanX AbX Mat

General | Jul 2nd, 2014

Two of our avid office CrossFitters took the time to test out the HumanX by Harbinger AbX mat compared to other brands and decided HumanX is the way to go:

“If you ever want to encourage your ‘inner scientist’ to come out and play, just put 2 products side-by-side and do a field test. If someone could of just handed me a white lab coat, I think that would’ve been appropriate. My workout involved 4 sets of Handstand Push-ups, and 75 sit-ups. At each set, I alternated from using the Ab mat that almost every CrossFit gym in America uses, and Harbinger’s new HumanX ab mat.  I strongly preferred the Harbinger for the sit-ups. Its narrower profile helped make my hip joints a little tighter and spring me up quicker. Thank you Harbinger for helping me get that ab workout over with more quickly.” – David

“At the gym, I use the ab mats for ab work as well as for head cushioning during Handstand Push-ups. The mats at the gym are very soft and cushiony and it’s hard to know if they were soft out of the box or if they softened through heavy use. By comparison, the AbX felt very firm and so I was not sure I would like it.  However, once I tried it, the firmness offered greater support to my lower back while doing 3 sets of 50 sit-ups. One thing I didn’t realize until using AbX, was how much the other gym mats slipped during the course of 50 reps. The AbX mat stayed in place throughout the sets so I did not need to make adjustments to my position, nor did I get “rug burn” on my lower back. In spite of its firmness, the AbX still provided enough cushioning to support my head during Handstand Push-ups. I’ve been taking the AbX to the gym every time and several of my fellow CrossFitters are now talking about picking up their own AbX mats as well.” – Kristin

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