It’s Game Time at Brockton HS!

General | May 26th, 2010
Last week Modell’s was able to participate in a 60 Seconds to Win game with Brockton High School Honor Role Students. Our team brainstormed and came up six different games for the school to participate in, including the Modell’s Dice Game. As usual, the Dice Game was the big draw!

The event began at 1pm sharp , with the school’s band playing for added excitement. During the Modell’s Dice Game, where students were able to roll the Mo’s Dice for prizes and gift cards, our team experienced a streak of winners! Four students won the dice game in a row! The winning students and crowd cheered!

Overall the event was a great time had by all! Lots of prizes and gift card were given out, students were rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their academic studies, and everyone had fun!