Meet a Modell’s Associate: Danielle Polizzano

General | Jan 18th, 2010

daniellepolizzannoblog1Name:  Danielle Polizzano
Years at Modell’s: 6
Department: Real Estate/ Legal, Finance
Job Title:  Property Accountant
What do you do in 30 words or less:  Landlord invoices, Taxes, Sales Reports, Set up Tent and Sidewalk Sales with Landlords, General Liability Claims, etc.
Favorite Part of Working for Modell’s:  Working and interacting with all of the Home Office associates as well as the store associates.
If I had a $100 Modell’s gift card right now I’d buy: Under Armour, sneakers, Team apparel
Hometown:  Middletown, New York
Favorite Pro Team: NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers 
Favorite Pro Player and why:  Derek Jeter because he shows amazing leadership and dedication.      

Growing up my sports role model was:  Derek Jeter
Sports I played growing up: Soccer and Swimming
Highest level of sports played: College Swimming
I still play: I go to the gym regularly
My Defining Athletic “Mo”ment: Senior night of my High School swimming career. The swim meet came down to the last relay and I was the final swimmer. If I beat the team next to us we won, if not we lost. I beat her by half a pools length and we ended up winning the swim meet against the number one team.