Meet a Modell’s Associate: Derrick Morgan

General | Jun 14th, 2010

Name: Derrick Morgan
Years at Modell’s: 14
Department: Marketing
Job Title: Regional Marketing Manager & Community Ambassador
What do you do in 30 words or less: I handle the grass roots sponsorships for youth sports organizations and schools, public relations, sports marketing, and branding for the Philadelphia Region.
Favorite Part of Working for Modell’s: Being able to interact with professional athletes and being heavily involved with the behind the scenes aspects of the Philadelphia sports culture.
If I had a $100 Modell’s gift card right now I’d buy: Louisville Slugger I-13 Maple Baseball bat
Hometown: Philadelphia
Favorite Pro Team:Eagles/Phillies/Yankees
Favorite Pro Player and why:Derek Jeter – He is the total team player, always says the right things, and is an ideal role model for kids and even other MLB players on and off the field.
Growing up my sports role model was:Mike Schmidt & Joe Dimaggio
Sports I played growing up: Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Karate
Highest level of sports played: Semi-Pro
I still play: Baseball, Ice Hockey
My Modell’s Defining Athletic Moment: After missing all of my baseball games for the previous 5 years, my dad finally made it to a game on Father’s Day while I was in college. In the bottom of the last inning with 2 outs, I hit a walk-off game winning 3-run home run to clinch 1st place for my team.