Meet a Modell’s Associate: Eating Healthy with Derek

General | Mar 18th, 2013

Modell’s is always about a good deal and so is our Merchandise Analyst, Derek! Read how he thinks exercise can now be a bargain for you and how he stays fit:


Who would choose to pay for something when they could get it for free? Not many people, I’m guessing! Do you do this when it comes to exercise: Would you rather take a jog outside so you don’t have to pay to go running on a treadmill in a gym? Do you get your work-out advice from videos on YouTube as opposed to hiring a personal trainer? I don’t blame you! If money is what is keeping you back from joining a gym, taking exercise classes, working with a trainer, participating in sports leagues, and buying fitness and sports equipment – you may have some help coming your way!

Congress is currently in talks about the passing of the PHIT Act and the PEP program. The PHIT Act is an incentive to get Americans more healthy and fit by compensating us for the expenses that come with taking up certain physical activities. And to ensure that the youth of America is also staying active, the PEP program would fund vital Physical Education programs throughout the country. Modell’s is supporting this legislation that will motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle. So for all of you who would appreciate more physical activities but don’t want to reach too deep into your pocket for it, here is chance to make a difference in your lives!

1) How do you stay fit?
I lift weights and love playing basketball and flag football.

2) What’s your fitness goal?
My ultimate fitness goal is to just stay in shape and be as healthy as I can.

3) What is your favorite healthy meal?
A Buffalo Chicken Salad from “Just Salad” (located in NYC). They know how to make a salad taste great!

4) How do you manage to squeeze exercising into your busy schedule?
My gym is literally a block from my house so I have no excuses.

5) What fitness gear from Modell’s can you not live without?
I would have to say either compression shorts or a good pair of sneakers – can’t go wrong with any of those.


Staying active is important to your physical health and even your personal self-esteem. With all the benefits of exercise, who wouldn’t want to stay fit, especially when the price can be so little?! Support the PHIT Act and PEP program today!