Meet a Modell’s Associate: Jamal Jones

General | Jun 9th, 2010

Name: Jamal Jones     
Years at Modell’s: 5 months
Department: Marketing
Job Title: Community Ambassador
What do you do in 30 words or less: I create and build relationships between our Modell’s stores and the youth sports organizations, schools, and other non-profit organizations in our communities
Favorite Part of Working for Modell’s: I am involved with sports 
If I had a $100 Modell’s gift card right now I’d buy: new shoes
Hometown:  Severn, MD
Favorite Pro Team:Dallas Cowboys, LA Lakers
Favorite Pro Player and why: Kobe Bryant – He is the best at what he does
Growing up my sports role model was: Emmitt Smith/Michael Jordan
Sports I played growing up: Football, Basketball, Lacrosse
Highest level of sports played: College Lacrosse
I still play: any sport
My Modell’s Defining Athletic Moment: Meeting Magic Johnson