Meet a Modell’s Associate: Megan Steinberger

General | Jul 15th, 2010

Name:Megan Steinberger
Years at Modell’s: over 6 months
Department: Marketing
Job Title: Community Ambassador
What do you do:I drive awareness, retain membership and increase participation of the Modell’s Sporting Goods Team Weeks program. Also, work within the local community, while forming and maintaining relations with key community members and gaining a better understanding of the lifestyles and needs of our target audience.  Assist District Managers and Store managers with community relations efforts to ensure that Modell’s Sporting Goods is delivering on its promise of being the local sporting goods store.
Favorite Part of Working for Modell’s:  I love that we get to meet and converse with our teams face to face and not just over the phone in an office. 
If I had a $100 Modell’s gift card right now I’d buy: Power Balance bracelet and Nike running tights.
Hometown: Ramsey, NJ
Favorite Pro Team: Dallas Cowboys
Growing up my sports role model was:Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys) and Jackie Moon (Flint Michigan Tropics)
Sports I played growing up: Softball and Swimming
Highest level of sports played:High School Softball and a course on Bowling in college lol
I still play:I love to run (completed the 2010 Mardi Gras Half-Marathon), but still play pick up games of softball, soccer, dodge ball, etc….if I am challenged to a game, you better believe I am playing!
My Modell’s Defining Athletic Moment:I have not had many yet, but I would have to say playing in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Snowball Softball game and getting a hit. It was one of the only ones for our team that day due to absolute freezing weather and facing off against teams that were way out of our league, but we had a great time!!