Meet a Modell’s Community Ambassador: JC Albano

Community Ambassador, General | Oct 31st, 2013

Name: JC Albano,  “I’m in charge of Community Marketing for Brooklyn/Queens and oversee the development of organizational sales.”

Phone #: 347-268-6479


Area covered: Brooklyn & Queens

From: Staten Island, NY






Favorite Personal Sports Moment: Winning the 2012 CUNYAC championship and playing in the D-III NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

Favorite Professional Sports Moment: My favorite professional sports moment is when John Starks drove baseline and dunked over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan at Madison Square Garden.

If you could be any professional athlete for a day, who would it be and why?: If I could be any professional athlete for a day I would be Michael Jordan because, aside from being rich, he is the greatest basketball player of all time.