Mitchell’s New Years Resolution – Week 3

General | Jan 11th, 2013

Getting back to a routine after a long 2 weeks out of the office can seem daunting to most, especially when it comes to diet and exercise.  You need to adjust your lifestyle in order to make lasting change.

As you know from my last entry, I mentally prepared for my trip. I set out to change old habits for new ones. What would usually constitute a reckless abandonment of all discipline when it comes to taking care of myself became a journey to learning a new life approach.

The result? A total loss of 44lbs, 9 of which occurred while on my trip! What helped me transition back to the “real world” was the routine I developed while on vacation, which was similar to what I was doing at home. I still had fun but kept aware of what I was putting in my mouth and how much activity I was doing.



This week I had some early meetings, so I made sure I worked out with John right when I got back. Our workouts consist of a variety of exercise combinations (circuits) utilizing all major muscle groups spread over a period of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Cardio is mixed in after every strength circuit. Our goal is movement and keeping me injury free. Since I was weighing in at over 300lbs, I experienced some knee issues. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my legs are much stronger and my knees don’t hurt as much as they used to. I wear a heart monitor and make sure I follow John’s advice regarding my blood pressure while working out.

The equipment we use is very low tech. John is a big believer in core functional movements, and we stick with the basic exercise equipment. We use kettlebells, dumbbells, a medicine ball, resistance bands, and a mat. This variety is important to me, because I would rather be doing anything but this! Lol.

After every workout- (sometimes the clock seems like it doesn’t move), we cool down and do some passive stretching. I try to get in at least 5 workouts per week. I don’t think I’ve missed one session since we started. Exercise must be part of my lifestyle—I’ve neglected this part for so long, I’ve got some time to make up! We are more than halfway to my goal of 80lbs.

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