Mitchell’s New Years Resolution – Week 4

General | Jan 18th, 2013

Hello everybody!  Thanks for continuing to check  in on my crusade to a healthy and fit 2013. Well, another week has passed and I cannot believe how much weight I’ve lost over the last 10 weeks. 45lbs! This loss  has made an incredible difference in my energy levels. I’m far from preaching on a soap box for I have quite a ways to go. However,  I must say that this new energy I’m experiencing has been worth every sacrifice I’ve made to get to this point.

One thing I wanted to talk about was obstacles that tend to get in the way of staying on a program. I’ve found in the past that any excuse that kept me from working out or dieting was welcomed and probably subconsciously self inflicted. When the post holiday euphoria wears off, most people quit working out and eating the right foods. I vowed this would not be me. In the past, I’ve started and stopped more programs then I care to remember. This time I approached this campaign with a new strategy.

What I did differently was hire a great trainer to get me on the right track. I knew I needed a few months of positive results to keep me motivated and on my own I tend to get distracted. The investment I made using a trainer was far less then finding myself a few pounds heavier every year, which is what has been happening.  It really creeps up on you! In my case I ended up weighing over 300lbs.

Make sure your trainer has good references and has your best interests in mind. John Wardell ( has his own fitness club and has been in the area for over 20 years. Although John and I have known each other for some time, we understand the value of our working relationship. No time for socializing when work needs to be done. Keeping this separate is very important and he gets that.

Another major change that made a big difference was realizing how dire my situation was. As I mentioned in my previous blog entries, when I saw my episode of Under Cover Boss, I was embarrassed and knew I couldn’t continue without some serious health consequences.  Usually people make changes only when some catastrophic episode occurs- usually a little too late.  In the past, injuries were also a great way to get out of the routine. Back and knees tend to get overused when starting and it’s important to know how to work around these overused and abused parts. Protecting myself from myself was Johns job. There are so many ways to work the body and not get caught in the same rut that aggregates  your weak areas. Know what those areas are. Keeping positive and hitting goals makes those early morning sessions a pleasure, well almost. Lol

So, I’m really excited about the coming months. Clothes are fitting better, I’m sleeping more and snoring less, and feel great. I really appreciate all feedback and support from everyone who’s making some changes in there fitness.

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