Mitchell’s New Years Resolution – Week 5

General | Jan 24th, 2013

**50 down 30 to go**

The first thing I do in the morning is work out. I know that after I have a full day at the office, the likelihood of exercise is slim to none.  Each day I slip in a brisk 45 minutes at 5:30am. (Actually, I don’t slip into anything just yet, but a few more pounds I certainly can try) I’ve learned to make my workouts as convenient as possible, utilizing the gym and the equipment we carry at Modell’s Sporting Goods. Upon waking, I gather my items (heart monitor, elbow cuff and knee guard) and carefully head to the doorway.  So far this routine has worked every time.



Once I’m in the zone and ready to go, I use each piece of exercise equipment for support as I push my way through a workout.

I’m very fortunate to have a trainer like John to help push me.  Having a trainer help motivate me, has been a big reason why I’ve been so successful.  But, everyone is different, you may be able to get your motivation from DVDs, online sites, or other tools.  So do what makes you feel the most comfortable and allows you to get the most out of your workouts.

Did I mention music?-This is another key component to making the minutes fly by.

John & I improvise as we go with our workout, listening to my body’s aches and pains and training around them.  The last thing I want to do is get hurt.

Determination is a trait I’ve acquired and skill I’ve developed after the years of being in business.  I must now apply this to my new lifestyle. What to do, when and how much and why, still make me hesitate in my plan to get in shape.

Normalcy for me is a specific comfort zone that has led me to my current state of being overweight and unfit.  Although much better, I am not disillusioned by the thought that this will ever be an easy battle.  I must constantly remind myself of this and keep myself in check.  Now the task at hand is equally about dumbbells, medicine balls, ankle weights, sets, reps, and time than deadlines and spread sheets.  I’ve wrapped my brain around these awkward entities guided by my trainer John Wardell (

In the end, after what seemed to be a mountain of work, the feeling of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile. My day has begun with a workout my pocket and the right frame of mind.

Are you all still with me?!

I want to hear about your workout plans, diet, and tips you may have.

Go to our Facebook page and post your fitness story and some of the tools you use to motivate yourself.  The 5 people who have the MOST “likes” will get a $25 Modell’s Gift Card.  You will have until Friday 2/1.  So make sure you get your friends to help out.  Good Luck!