Mitchell’s New Year’s Resolution – Week 6

General | Feb 1st, 2013

Ever since I was a young boy growing up in Hewlett, Long Island, I’ve always been pretty much self-motivated. Making decisions that were related to business came easy to me. I have always been a tremendous sports fan and I played most every sport I could participate in. A jack of all trades, master of none. As I got older and became less active, I, like so many of us, started to put on weight. It was a slow, insidious process that lasted 15 years.


I was really fortunate enough to come to the realization that I needed to get to a realistic body weight before something catastrophic happened. Many people go on diets after they have had a heart attack or some other life-threatening situation. Thank God for the Undercover Boss episode. It really woke me up, and I’m now on a good path. Below is an e-mail I got from my friend Lou, who lost 95 lbs on the same program I am on. Hearing about his experience a few weeks into my new plan helped put things in perspective. I hope it helps some of you like it helped me. Please keep me up on your progress and look for our new selection of exercise equipment at Modell’s Sporting Goods!



Hey Mitchell,

You asked what helped ME get to the next meal without going off the program…
Once I decided I needed to change my life, there were things I aspired for and used them as motivation when I got sick of grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. It’s only natural to desire to stray from “boring” and eat what you’re comfortable with, which is the food that put me in the place I was originally. Setting those personal goals was key to my success so far…
Some of my personal goals were (which I am fine with you sharing)…

  1. As I fly a lot, I was sick of knowing that the people I was sitting next to were saying to themselves “Please don’t sit next to me.”
  2. When traveling I wanted to be comfortable taking my shirt off at the beach/pool.  And I want to be able to go on amusement park rides with my kids.
  3.  Owning a business and being in sales, I realize that people want to do business with people they find “attractive,” and the way I looked and felt – who would want to do business with me? I wouldn’t.

These are the places I went to mentally when I was sitting at the dinner table while my family ate pizza and all sorts of comfort food and I ate my “diet” food.

After the first 60 days, another thing that helped motivate me was the results that were evident by my clothes being bigger and seeing the change in the mirror.

Best of luck!

 Lou H