Modells & adidas Holiday Ticket to Win it!

General | Dec 3rd, 2011

Here’s a posting of the past numbers selected.  At the bottom, you will find a link for the rules & regulations as well has how to redeem your winning ticket!


We will even let you in on a little secret.  Use the keyboard command “CTRL +F” and then put your gamepiece number in.  If it finds your number, then you’ve won!


And even if you didn’t win today, here’s a little something from Modell’s & adidas.

Adidas 20% Off One Item Coupon


$10,000 WINNER!!!



December 23rd

$250 Modell’s Gift Card


$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

JXT082112, LRC058677, KDV003889, LRC077710, TQK061833

NVU037954, KDV083220, PFL080576, YTG068901, AFH027642

VBX080826, PFL001866, JXT039245, ZLW058998, AFH025191

KDV074071, YTG002625, AFH062913, NVU069076, VBX034109

LRC099240, ZLW034266, JXT062614, NVU012112, YTG038818

KDV032534, AFH040050, PFL083990, PFL058540, VBX080978

YTG083118, KDV094725, TQK005920, JXT099054, AFH095784

NVU061802, TQK067039, TQK000020, ZLW064114, LRC097182 



December 22nd

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

AFH092039, TQK006301, JXT056140, LRC040024, NVU019156

KDV078192, YTG044280, ZLW006118, VBX015764, JXT075715

NVU049441, VBX075583, PFL060143, KDV076554, AFH056852

KDV084956, JXT098881, VBX005295, LRC046193, ZLW058333

TQK079426, PFL097653, VBX068862, AFH052823, JXT034116

PFL093767, YTG056050, LRC024305, AFH037924, JXT045402

NVU088662, TQK043299, YTG085817, KDV067825, ZLW089999


December 21st

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

TQK057281, PFL092186, PFL097479, VBX040476, YTG039657,

LRC036295, ZLW088569, JXT013929, JXT064303, LRC091058,

AFH084232, VBX081142, YTG099999, NVU022414, AFH094244,

TQK018786, YTG077027, YTG005142, NVU086530, YTG090100,

 PFL095159, VBX008615, PFL054362, ZLW043624, JXT021767,

PFL083592, LRC087712, NVU066736, TQK074370, ZLW084018



December 20th

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

JXT043110, VBX005705, JXT098880, NVU082234, KDV070239

TQK063904, AFH033911, ZLW003199, LRC010983, AFH058484

YTG048294, VBX004817, LRC058376, AFH081217, NVU091513

AFH006999, ZLW018110, YTG015085,  PFL052294, ZLW023735

PFL046353, JXT021724, KDV035336, AFH033219, NVU052427

TQK019013, YTG052156, AFH015993, VBX019530, ZLW036875


December 19th

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

TQK086221, YTG080207, ZLW048692, JXT028983, LRC090908

KDV083988, ZLW073064, PFL032818, PFL002755, VBX067787

NVU007236, VBX050432, AFH001200, KDV039523, LRC012241

KDV083723, VBX049303, TQK002090, ZLW097249, PFL045761

NVU001034, ZLW004406, AFH059427, YTG069018, PFL046766


December 18th

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

TQK071378,  JXT029840, PFL074838, NVU099005, ZLW047186

PFL049077,  AFH000011,  ZLW041758, LRC079102, LRC023579

JXT080645, YTG090757, KDV050091, PFL093860, ZLW041852

VBX094340, AFH039898, YTG053400, KDV081038, NVU005444

ZLW089721, NVU047595, VBX043190, YTG023173, JXT076746


December 17th

$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

ZLW010290, TQK075565, PFL019686, AFH070074, JXT063819

PFL090699, KDV081020, VBX065661, ZLW098794, AFH046741

TQK057139, VBX005117, PFL043599, LRC071142, YTG077006

AFH049415, VBX075972, LRC036802, KDV005135, NVU022691


Week 2

$250 Modell’s Gift Card


$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

ZLW051184, ZLW006352, AFH032537, YTG085135, JXT009370

KDV047976, NVU050096, LRC086300, YTG014366, PFL015127

TQK056752, YTG018199, KDV026798, PFL027393, JXT014849

 TQK010109, JXT024854, KDV081449, NVU006600, AFH041384


KDV074110, TQK061698, TQK058198, JXT021787, ZLW072249

NVU090184, VBX094797, AFH032377, YTG087845, AFH039887

YTG013659, LRC045137, JXT082238, TQK053845, LRC000496


AFH031384, KDV004169, PFL048360, JXT013752, NVU035554

ZLW033669, LRC088773, TQK054297, VBX020284, TQK055911

AFH061500, TQK048737, YTG094250, ZLW044936, JXT025551


ZLW087061, YTG017264, TQK041838, NVU011391, LRC014227

JXT035730, ZLW009109, AFH074675, JXT068008, ZLW010851


VBX029564, LRC092448, PFL071604, PFL071656, JXT064133

ZLW063737, KDV016532, TQK031881, LRC093231, YTG056823


AFH058335, VBX074091, PFL075108, TQK002515, NVU011829

KDV082665, AFH028179, ZLW056595, YTG004033, JXT061244


YTG005759, ZLW010957, KDV093517, NVU034625, ZLW005170

PFL060580, AFH016641, JXT001421, TQK098807, YTG040889


Week 1

$250 Modell’s Gift Cards


$25 Modell’s Gift Cards

NVU068036, JXT042913, VBX072327, LRC039135, YTG098927

TQK009777, AFH002241, ZLW074486, JXT068429, PFL094784


 NVU050323, LRC067073, KDV023519, VBX006741, ZLW018112

NVU007504, JXT097419, AFH038200, JXT015043, PFL034754


ZLW090958, YTG040929, JXT086781, ZLW031169, VBX022021

PFL006536, TQK023281, AFH067152, NVU085397, LRC088757


TQK062738, JXT098450, YTG073916, PFL028885, ZLW084887

ZLW022886, LRC012611, AFH061889, AFH078675, LRC010018


LRC093238, ZLW036826, KDV068418, YTG049371, PFL027358,

 JXT035216, ZLW059827, AFH092783, NVU000629, TQK002136


 AFH070524, NVU056039, AFH092049, VBX097955, KDV012002

LRC025770,  NVU016266, ZLW077908, JXT064186, PFL005812


JXT010713, LRC004551, VBX025199, JXT007635, TQK097237

VBX073507, NVU043187, LRC057678, ZLW048906, YTG069660


 Holiday Ticket to Win It Rules & Regulations, and Redemption