Mo’mentous Week One Performances

General | Sep 12th, 2013


Is there anything like week one of the NFL season? The hype and anticipation is something that evokes memories of being a child on Christmas morning. Millions of peop

le woke up Sunday morning fascinating about their favorite teams chalking up their first victory and taking the first step in the journey towards making a run at capturing the Lombardi trophy at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey in February.

In addition to rooting for our favorite teams most of our attention was also pointed towards our fantasy team rosters and what did week one exactly tell us? First and foremost week one showed that the NFL is still a passing league and is loaded with tremendous talent at the WR position. Take a look at some key note performances from wide outs across the league; Vincent Jackson 7 rec for 154 yards, Danny Amendola 10 rec for

104 yards, A.J. Green 9 rec for 162 yards 2 TD’s, Anquan Boldin 13 rec for 208 yards and Victor Cruz 5 rec for 118 yards and 3 TD’s. Anybody who was lucky enough to have any of these receivers on their roster reaped the benefits of these receiver’s gaudy stat lines.

The term elite gets thrown around quite liberally when classifying NFL quarterbacks however; there is no question that Peyton Manning, whose opening night performance will go down as one of the greatest individual regular season performances in league history, is the epitome of an elite quarterback. We al

so witnessed that the sophomore slump was a non- issue for Colin Kaepernick whose 412 yard, 3 touchdown performance made fantasy owners who started the 3nd year quarterback out of Nevada look like geniuses.

Before you go doing the Victor Cruz salsa dance to the water color in response to your fantasy squad’s dominant week one performance or fans out there beginning to make plans to be at Met Life stadium for the Super Bowl let’s take a step back and realize its only week one; however let the optimism reign and let’s all rejoice that football is back!

-Mo’s Football Guru