National Health Through Fitness Day – Weights with Wendell

General | Mar 15th, 2013

Let me introduce you to another Modell’s associate who balances a normal, yet healthy and fit, lifestyle. Wendell has been a great asset to our Modell’s family for almost six years now, in his role as a Desktop Support Manager. Read a little more about him!



These days, it seems like everything has a price and when it comes to staying fit and active, that statement couldn’t be truer. Ever since I began my dedication to a life of exercise and healthy eating, I found myself spending more time in the gym, shelling out more money for healthier food, and always being in and out of Modell’s stores in search of different fitness equipment. So I understand that sometimes, trying to live a healthier lifestyle isn’t exactly the easiest thing on your pockets. But we have the power to change that. By supporting THE PHIT Act & PEP Program that is being discussed in Congress right now, we are backing the movement for a fit and healthy America while reducing the cost of all sorts of different physical activity expenses that you may be currently paying for. It’s a win-win situation!

 1.  How do you stay fit? 

I work out 4-5 days a week. I lift weights, Box and Plyometric, and cardio circuits.

 2. What’s your fitness goal?

To look and feel healthy.

3.  What is your favorite healthy meal?

Salmon with mixed vegetables.

4.  How do you manage to squeeze exercising into your busy schedule?

I go after work Monday-Thursday and sometimes Saturdays .

 5. What fitness gear from Modell’s can you not live without?

I use the Power balance wrist band and Titanium Necklace.


Join Wendell and the rest of our Modell’s in our goal to promote a healthier lifestyle in order to live a longer and fuller life. Support the PHIT Act & PEP program today! And don’t forget to keep checking back on our blog for more personal stories of fitness and health!