Opening Day Is In The Air

General | Mar 24th, 2014

With Spring comes Baseball season and fans are getting excited that America’s national pastime is approaching. An abundance of people will be seen sporting their favorite baseball apparel within the next few weeks as team’s kick off their season.  Opening Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated my many, but thanks to Budweiser it could be recognized as an official holiday soon.

Budweiser’s “Make Opening Day a Holiday” campaign reached its goal of 100,000 petition signatures on March 21st, five days before its deadline. The petition will still be available to sign until March 26th, so if you’re an avid baseball fan and haven’t already signed make sure you do! Ozzie Smith, Hall of Famer and Cardinals legend, who partnered up with Budweiser to help promote the campaign believes that an American tradition should be recognized as an American Holiday, I don’t think any of us could argue with that.

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros

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