How to Talk to Girls You Like Online and in Person

How many times have you attempted to talk to a girl, only to become nervous and tongue-tied? Chances are, this has happened a lot, and you are wondering how to overcome this obstacle. Don’t worry, this is a common problem for many guys.

There are several factors to remember before talking to the fairer sex. Women rate men according to several personality factors and speech is chief among them. Continue reading to learn how to talk to girls you like.

Advice for Talking to Girls

Learning how to speak to a girl can be one of the hardest things for a man. You worry that you will sound dumb and that she won’t like you. Here is a little advice to help you relax when talking to a female.

Firstly, remember to keep the conversation casual. You don’t want to scare her off by giving the impression that you want to marry her right away. Talk about the events of your day, your hobbies or childhood memories.


Unless she brings it up, never talk about ex-girlfriends. Just keep the discussion casual and girls will be comfortable with you and will think you are easy to talk to.

Second, never act desperate or needy. While you should not treat a woman like crap, do not make the mistake of placing her on a pedestal either. Subtle compliments are good, but constant worship will make you look desperate.

Most importantly, be a good listener. Females love a man who listens while they talk. Be sure to maintain eye contact and actively reply to what she says.

Finding the Ideal Conversation Topic

Another issue men have when it comes to talking to girls is figuring out exactly what to talk about. Frequently you will try to figure out the perfect topic for conversation as if the right subject will magically cause her to fall in love with you. Of course, no such topic exists.

Instead of brainstorming for the perfect topic, just choose a subject that has meaning to you. This is always a good way to begin any conversation. Additionally, on the sub-conscious level, it shows confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Once a quality conversation gets started, it will continue effortlessly. You will automatically know when to change the subject. Meanwhile, continue to discuss your favorite interest with enthusiasm.

Talking to Girls Online

Just like real life, men struggle with how to talk to girls online. There are important things to remember when chatting online. Be sure to keep your ego in check and make her feel safe and relaxed.

Avoid doing anything that will tarnish your image. Just as in real life, your first online impression will have a lasting effect.

Begin your online conversation just by saying hi. If she is interested in the least, she will reply with a similar greeting.

If you are talking to someone on a dating site, ask her some friendly questions based on topics of interest listed on her profile. If she is interested in you, even a little bit, she will reply with detailed answers.

Eventually, you should consider getting together in real life. Talking online is an okay place to start but the ultimate goal should be to meet face to face. After a few good online chats, ask her if she would like to meet for a real date.

Learning how to talk to girls online, as well as how to talk to girls you like is a nerve-racking experience for any man. However, if you follow these guidelines you will soon be able to talk to girls like a pro.