Laurel Boys & Girls Club Check Presentation

General, Team Weeks | Apr 13th, 2010

(GM) Cheryl, associate Jamese Green and I went to the Laurel, MD Boys & Girls Club championship basketball games on Friday April 9th to present their Community Weekend check. We have worked with the LBGC for years and they have always been a great Team Weeks organization.

The kids and parents were very receptive and gave us a warm welcome. When we announced the amount of the check we got a big hand from the crowd. The kids and parents really enjoyed the giveaways as well. One kid asked if the check was for a million dollars since we had a novelty check! It was very cute and the game was very entertaining.

The Laurel Boys & Girls Club is one of our sponsored organizations as you can see the Modell’s banners were hung around the gym. The coaches even had shirts made that said Modell’s Sporting Goods on them! We presented the check to Coach Adrian and Valerie of the LBGC.

-Jamal Jones, Modell’s Community Ambassador