Medford Pop Warner Thanks Modell’s

General, Team Weeks | Jun 14th, 2010


The Medford Modell’s team takes a quick photo with Medford Pop Warner

The following is a press release from Medford Pop Warner:

Medford Pop Warner would like to thank Modell’s Sporting Goods for putting their best effort into helping us rebuild the program to what it once was. As a new board we would like to rebuild the program to what it once was a program we can all be proud to participate in. Modell’s has gone above and beyond in their efforts to help us accomplish this.

Modell’s has been very generous and donated various football supplies that will be a great asset to the program. Modell’s has also donated gift cards that were passed out to all of the children who attended the banquet.  Modell’s also held a roll of the dice contest for a chance to win Celtics tickets, Modell’s then donated all of the proceeds to Medford Pop Warner as well.

I can’t express enough thanks to the wonderful people at Modell’s. Once it was brought to their attention that our program was in need of assistance they’ve been working diligently to help us accomplish our goal of forming a great program for all of the children in our community. Modell’s had been a great support to our program; we’re looking forward to continuing working with them in the future.