Meet a Sponsored Team Weeks Organization

General, Team Weeks | Feb 8th, 2010

Organization Name:
Gloucester Township Hockey Alliance
Gloucester Township, New Jersey (Southern New Jersey)
Sport: Street Hockey
Organization Colors: Purple and Black
Organization Motto: Gloucester Twp Hockey Alliance is a youth street hockey organization dedicated and committed to the children of the community. Providing boys and girls, ages 4 – 18, a safe and fun environment to learn and enjoy the game of hockey, at its purest form.
Years with Modell’s: Around 5 Years
Favorite Modell’s store to shop at: Deptford Mall Store located in Deptford, NJ. The management staff goes out of their way to be sure the hockey department is always fully stocked. We are one of a very few leagues that run year round and it can be hard to find hockey equipment in the middle of the summer. The Deptford staff has always taken our feedback on when and what equipment will be needed. They also have a great supply of “Philly” pro team items which are a favorite during our multiple team week fundraisers.
Our favorite athletic brand: Mylec
Our most meMO’rable achievement: Modell’s has been a partner in every sense of the word. Our league has grown every year over the last six years. With so many new players, it is great to have “Team Week” as a way for new players to purchase needed equipment. Modell’s participates in all of our annual events via product donations and even sends associates to show products at some of our events.
Why we team up with Modell’s: There are many ways to purchase equipment these days. You have the internet and some manufactures even sell direct. We partner with Modell’s because they share the same values as our Organization. They are a business, but they believe in community ties. Their staff from corporate management down to their store associates care about our members every time they walk into the store. We are PROUD to have them as a partner!