Meet a Team Week Organization: Manassas Youth Football League

General, Team Weeks | May 10th, 2012



Organization Name: Manassas Youth Football League

Hometown: Manassas, VA

Sport: Football

Organization Colors: Black & Yellow

Organization Motto: Building Character through Football

Years with Modell’s: 8

Favorite Modell’s store to shop at & why: Bulloch Dr, Manassas, VA – Great people willing to do what is necessary to fill the needs of my club.

Ourfavorite athletic brand: Shutt & Wilson

Our most meMO’rable achievement: Scraping together enough 7-piece pad sets from around the Northern Virginia area (Managers personally drove around to pick up equipment) in order to fill the gaps by the next practice.

Why we team up with Modell’s: Friendly and accommodating service