Meet a Team Week Organization: Rye Town Youth Football & Cheerleading

Cool Stuff, General, Team Weeks | Nov 1st, 2011


Organization Name:   Rye Town Youth Football & Cheerleading

Hometown:  Port Chester, New York 10580

Sport:  Flag & Tackle Football / Cheerleading

Organization Colors:  Blue and Gray

Organization Motto: 

The mission of RTYFC is to introduce boys and girls of diverse backgrounds and abilities to the sports of football and cheerleading, and in so doing to expose them to the unique bonds these sports forge and the life lessons they teach; we pledge to instill in our youth participants a strong sense of self-confidence by encouraging them to aim high and to begin to understand how dreams can come true with team work, good sportsmanship, perseverance and dedication; and finally we will strive to provide all of this in a safe, fun, and educational environment that will leave the boys and girls, as well as parents and coaches with a positive and memorable experience.

Years with Modell’s:  Three years

Favorite Modell’s store to shop at & why:  Port Chester, New York 10580.  Great selection of Football equipment and great service.                                                                       

Our favorite athletic brand:  What ever is on sale, LOL

Our most meMO’rable achievement:  Over the past two seasons, the funds generated through Team Weeks has enabled us to switch from the old style girdle and pants (7 pad set that you constantly need to remove and put back between washing) to the one piece fully intergrated Football pants for the whole league.  This has been a huge improvement in comfort, style, and convenience. 

Why we team up with Modell’s: Modell’s is our #1 supporter. Their loyal support has allowed our league to grow and introduce the sports of Football & Cheerleading to many boys and girls of our community. Their financial support enables RTYF&C members to wear safer equipment and play on better fields.