The War at the Shore

Team Weeks | Nov 2nd, 2010

Daniella Scullari, Modell’s Community Ambassador

On October 30-31, Modell’s teamed up with Jersey Shore Pop Warner to host the War at the Shore. The championship weekend was held at Jackson Pop Warner’s beautiful Field of Dreams in Jackson, NJ. Teams from all over the Jersey coast came to battle for the chance to advance to the regional round!

Modell’s was the headline sponsor for the event and set-up tents at the 10 yard line. General Manager of #114 Toms River, Chris Paino, my fellow Community Ambassador, Jason Karlowski, and I offered official Jersey Shore Pop Warner sweatshirts and t-shirts for avid fans and players alike. Kids played and practiced making the perfect pass on our giant inflatable football game. Winning shots received branded thundersticks which were used to cheer on the combating teams on the field. Advancing groups were awarded huge trophies plated with Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Modell’s’ sponsor sign hung proudly over the announcer’s booth and banners were displayed around the fences. Our presence was consistently announced and appreciated. Even the coaches on the field wore Modell’s’ lanyards!

The event was a ton of fun and everyone played their best. The champions made it a point to stop by and show us their winning medals. Proud parents, fans, and players of all teams picked up sweatshirts and tees to remember the experience of competing at the War at the Shore.

Special thanks to Craig Karahuta, President of Jersey Shore Pop Warner, and to all the volunteers of Jackson Pop Warner. Congratulations to all those who battled!